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Whoopy-Cat's TacOps

Pages dedicated to the PC game Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror and the TO-332 Family of Friends

JPs Panzers
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Whoopy-Cat's Stories

Read original short-stories written by the Whoopy-Cat.



The Created World
Whoopy-Cat's Concepts in Creationism

Essays and commentaries, written by the Whoopy-Cat,
concerning the origins of the universe, our world, and life.
There is no reason for a Bible-believing Christian to accept
anything other than a literal interpretation of God's Word
regarding all these issues. All manner of evolutionary
philosophy is nothing more than a baseless flight of fancy.

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Whoopy-Cat's Panzers
Military History & Wargaming

~ SSI's Panzer General II: instructions, articles, & info.
~ JDG's Illustrated On-Line Military Encyclopedia
~ Wargaming Resources: computer games, links library
~ Wargaming Discussion Forum, including PG2 forum
~ "Battlewagons" - Whoopy's free forum-based naval game


JCHL Baseball League
High-Stakes Fantasy Baseball

Unique fantasy baseball league based on actual MLB stats.
J.T. Whoopy-Cat: Commissioner and co-founder

Each year the Season Champion wins $10,000,000 from each of the losing teams!
(League policy dictates that I.O.U.'s be accepted as payment.)
(No proof of ability to pay is required.)

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JCHL Baseball League web pages and forum

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"...ask and it shall be given unto you..."

Have a problem that seems unsolvable?
Nothing is impossible for the Lord!

Visit our forum (in complete anonymity, if you wish), post your prayer request(s), and join in this fellowship of God's children to whom He promised to hear our every prayer.

Friends and strangers alike are welcome to post their requests and join with us in praying to God for each other.

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Southeast Iowa's only replacement window specialist to be certified by the Association of Window and Door Installers.

Joel T. Illian: fully insured and state licensed contractor specializing in top-rated high-efficiency insulated vinyl replacement windows - complete installation available.

No-obligation in-home Consultations, Free Price Quotes, Customer References Available Upon Request.

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Custom Windows & Trim web site


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ABOUT the Whoopy-Cat

Everything you never wanted to know about the Whoopy-Cat

...and MORE! :)

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