Peter "Pman" Collins
also known as "Master Fragger"

Pete and Ali
Pete and Ali

   It was with great shock and sadness that we learned of the death of our good friend and comrade, Peter Collins, who fell victim to illness on July 25, 2003, shortly after returning home from the Persian Gulf region. Those of us who were a part of the JP's Panzers community while Pete was among us will never forget the man we knew as "Pman" or "Master Fragger." These few pages are intended to be an on-line memorial to our friend Pete.

He was brilliant and funny and fun. He was a good friend and a dedicated Moderator. He was an avid gamer and a willing teacher, helping a great many people understand our games or computers better than we understood them before. His loyalty and dedication to duty made him a pillar in our community, and an elite member of our staff at JP's Panzers.

Although he was only with us a short while, relatively speaking, he had advanced to the high position of "Board-Wide Moderator" in our community because of his tireless efforts and his unquestioned loyalty to all that our community stands for. He was widely admired among his peers and among the membership at large. Regardless of when or how often one logged in to our community it was nearly impossible to do so without finding "Pman" (and later, "Master Fragger") among those listed in the "Who's On-Line" section, showing which members were currently present on the boards.