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Just a collection of personal junk you couldn't pay most people enough money to waste their time lookin' at.

Pull the Cat's Tale

Here is a collection of some of the short stories I've written.
Most can be read on- or off-line or printed in multiple formats.

...for those of you with a LOT of free time on your hands.

Whoopy-Cat's Tales

View Whoopy's Beretta Carbine Photo Gallery

Some of my buddies have asked to see some pics of my 'little varmint gun' so here's a small photo gallery of images of my Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine.

"Say 'Hello' to my Little Friend!"

Youth Football Photo Gallery - 2003

Here's a small collection of pics I snapped while watching
Johnny play 5th and 6th-grade football in the fall of 2003.

(So, yeah - it's mostly just pictures of John playing football. )

Football Photo Gallery

Whoopy's Outdoors Gallery

Whoopy-Cat's Outdoors Gallery

The Whoopy Family Tackle the Wilds and
Untamed Wildernesses of Iowa!

(Oh, my! How exciting! )

Illian Family On-Line Photo Album

Yeah right... Just kidding. It's not done yet.













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