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Observation Deck - Scenic Overlook,
Cedar Bluffs Natural Area, Mahaska County, Iowa.
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 Cedar Bluffs is one of the coolest places I've ever been to; it was a favorite of Maxine's as well. On one recent trip to the park (5/5) we brought Amber and John's grandparents (Whoopy's mom and dad) along with us. We were going to just stick to the main trail this time and leave some of the rougher, more adventurous off-trail exploring (which we LOVE!) for another time -- at least that was the plan. :-P As you will see, that plan didn't hold up well. :}

We started off with a wonderful picnic that my mom had put together and brought along. After stuffing ourselves on sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans and pink lemonade we started the trek to the forest. It's a pretty long walk before you ever even get to the park proper itself - well over a mile, I'd say. I've been told that the trail through the park is between five and seven miles although I'm not a good judge of distance -- not when the scenery is as distractingly beautiful as it is at Cedar Bluffs! For all I know it could be two miles or twenty! :-] In any even the trail makes a big loop and ends up very nearly where it starts. Although we ended up on a rather lengthy (but FUN!!) detour this day, we did in fact hike the whole regular trail as well that day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures even half as much as we all enjoyed this particular outing.

~ Whoopy



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