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Whoopy-Cat's Beretta Storm - the stock carbine as it arrived from the factory

All photos taken by Joel T. "Whoopy-Cat" Illian © 2005
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If you aren't familiar with Beretta's Cx4 Storm, it's a sweet little pistol calibre carbine designed by Beretta, teamed with the internationally renowned Giugiaro Design. One appealing feature of the Storm is that it is available in no less than five different models, from 9mm to .40 S&W and .45 ACP. In fact, owners of Beretta handguns can use their existing pistol magazines in the Storm (as long as you make sure you buy the same model carbine). It will even accept high-capacity and pre-ban style magazines, and the weapon's features and functions are identical to the same-caliber Beretta handguns so they are extremely familiar to those who already own a Beretta pistol of the same caliber. The official Beretta Cx4 Storm site has some sweet pictures and a lot of nice information HERE.

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