Whoopy-Cat's .40 caliber Beretta Cx4 Storm Photo Gallery

Whoopy-Cat's Beretta Carbine - fully accessorized* (see below)
Whoopy's Beretta Cx4 Storm .40 cal
All photos taken by Joel T. "Whoopy-Cat" Illian © 2005
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* All the accessories listed here were obtained from Houts Enterprises' Cx4 Storm Shop
which I highly recommend to anyone who owns a Beretta Cx4 as Houts' prices, selection,
and service are, in my experience, simply unmatched anywhere on the 'Web!

- Four MIL STD 1913 Picatinny Rails mounted on top, bottom, and both side hard points.
- EOTech
552 Holographic Reflex Red-Dot Night-Vision-Ready Optics forward on top rail,
with GG&G Accucam Quickrelease lever system for instant access to the stock iron sights.
- Insight M3/LED 90-lumen Tactical Light mounted to the Storm's
retractable integral
fore-end rail that extends from under the barrel.
I also mounted a Long-Gun Remote Switch
so the light's momentary-on function can be operated more easily when using the fore-grip.
- I mounted a Tdi-Arms SVG vertical fore-grip to the bottom rail for a more stable platform.
- GG&G Three-Point Tactical Sling with Weaver Dovetail Swivel for the left front side rail.

- I also added a second cocking handle since the Storm comes with its handle, oddly
enough, mounted on the left side. However, the Storm is designed to be quickly and easily
field stripped (which is indeed both simply and quickly accomplished) without the need the
need for any tools whatsoever, and nearly everything, including the cocking handle, can be
switched for left- or right-handed use in a matter of seconds. In fact, in the case of the
cocking handle, one can simply add a second one so that there is a cocking handle on each
side, which is exactly what I did.

- Lastly, although my Storm came with a beautifully designed hard case, I also got the nice
soft carry case that was specifically designed by Beretta for the Cx4 Storm. Although my
stock Storm fit perfectly into the hard case, it is a difficult chore to get it to sit correctly
now that it is fully tricked out, and it's a real pain when trying to quickly get it in or out.
The soft case is also much more handy and lightweight for carrying over a distance, such
as when I am shooting any distance away from where I started. At our local shooting range
it's not a problem since it's only a hundred feet from my truck to the shooting positions, but
if I go anywhere else, it can be a real pain to lug the hard case around with me. So the
soft case has turned out to be one of the best purchases of the whole bunch, especially
once all the other accessories had been mounted on the Storm.

If you aren't familiar with Beretta's Cx4 Storm, it's a sweet little pistol calibre carbine designed by Beretta, teamed with the internationally renowned Giugiaro Design. One appealing feature of the Storm is that it is available in no less than five different models, from 9mm to .40 S&W and .45 ACP. In fact, owners of Beretta handguns can use their existing pistol magazines in the Storm (as long as you make sure you buy the same model carbine). It will even accept high-capacity and pre-ban style magazines, and the weapon's features and functions are identical to the same-caliber Beretta handguns so they are extremely familiar to those who already own a Beretta pistol of the same caliber. The official Beretta Cx4 Storm site has some sweet pictures and a lot of nice information HERE.

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