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2004 JCHL Opening Day Price List
(Alphabetical by Last Name)
Last Updated: June 14, 2004
- BOLD=players currently owned (regardless of text color). ***injury notes may not be
- Player names in RED indicate those protected from 2003 Rosters.      complete or current***
- Players listed in Blue are on their JCHL team's Minor League Squad injury notes abreviations:
  Players whose name is bold cannot be signed by any other team. 15DL = 15-day disabled list
- Plain-text (non-bold) listings indicate players who are JCHL Free Agents. 60DL = 60-day disabled list
- Players whose position appears in parentheses begin the season with @L = "at least"
   NO automatic position eligibility; they must earn eligibility at a position shldr=shoulder,elbw=Elbow,etc
   by appearing in Major League games during the 2004 Regular Season. Return date = best guess
   The position in parentheses is simply an indication of where the player  
   is likely to appear if he plays in the Majors this season. (Date in parentheses) =
- After Opening Day, all unsigned zero-dollar free agents, including any the date the injury note
   unlisted $0 players, become $1 players.  $0 players who are already was last updated for 
   signed to a team's Opening Day Roster remain worth $0 unless dropped. this price list.
Players listed in GREEN were signed after Opening Day.
JCHL 2004 2004 2004 JCHL     Notes / Owned Status
Owner Price Team POSITION FIRST NAME LAST NAME Red notes:  injury news
  $0 TB SP Paul Abbott  
  UL DET (2B) Brent Abernathy  
  $32 PHI OF Bobby Abreu  
  $0 CIN SP Jose Acevedo  
  $0 PIT RP Juan Acevedo  
  $0 TOR RP Terry Adams  
  $0 TOR SS Russ Adams  
  $0 WSX RP Jon Adkins  
  $5 KC SP,RP Jeremy Affeldt  
  $1 BAL SP Kurt Ainsworth  
JAM $0 ATL RP Antonio Alfonseca signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $13 SF 3B Edgardo Alfonzo  
  UL TEX (OF) Chad Allen  
  UL PIT (OF) Luke Allen  
  $0 ATL RP Armando Almanza 15DL elbow - on rehab (4-23-04)
  UL TEX (RP) Carlos Almanzar  
  $0 BOS RP Edwin Almonte  
  $0 NYY SS Erick Almonte  
  $10 ARI 2B Roberto Alomar surgery:brokn hand-maybe out 'til late June(4-21-04)
  $3 WSX C Sandy Alomar Jr.  
  $12 CHC OF Moises Alou  
  UL PIT (3B,OF) Tony Alvarez  
  UL PHI (RP) Victor Alvarez  
  $9 LA SP,RP Wilson Alvarez  
  $0 ANA SS,3B Alfredo Amezaga  
  $11 KC SP,RP Brian Anderson  
Holmes $28 ANA OF Garret Anderson signed to '04OpenDayRstr Back - earlyMay? (4-26)
  UL NYM (RP) Jason Anderson  
  UL CIN (SP) Jimmy Anderson  
  $10 StL 2B Marlon Anderson  
  $2 DET RP Matt Anderson  
Holmes UL SEA (P) Ryan Anderson '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL StL (SP) Rick Ankiel dropped by LJ - 2003
  $2 KC SP Kevin Appier 15DL Elbw (4-24-04)
Holmes UL ARI (SP) Greg Aquino '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $0 TEX C Daniel Ardoin  
  $4 MON SP Tony Armas Jr 15DL-shldr-out indefinitely. Early May? (4-12-04)
  UL TOR (SP) Jason Arnold  
  $0 BOS RP Bronson Arroyo  
  $1 KC SP Miguel Asencio 60DL Elbow - out for season (4-17-04)
  $0 LA SP Andy Ashby  
  $0 NYM SP Pedro Astacio  
  $4 COL 3B Garrett Atkins  
H.Cow $11 SEA SS Rich Aurilia signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $2 HOU C Brad Ausmus  
  $6 MON RP Luis Ayala  
  $0 HOU RP Brandon Backe  
  $0 TEX SP Mike Bacsik  
  $0 ARI 1B,2B Carlos Baerga  
  $6 TB RP Danys Baez  
Joel $27 HOU 1B Jeff Bagwell 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL COL (2B) Jeff Baker  
  $0 CHC C Paul Bako  
  $27 TB OF Rocco Baldelli dropped by H.Cow - 2003 shldr-out indefinitely(4-21)
  UL NYM (SP) James Baldwin  
  $0 CIN SP John Bale  
H.Cow $0 MIN SP Grant Balfour signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 FLA OF Brian Banks  
  $0 TEX C Rod Barajas  
  $0 CLE C Josh Bard  
  $0 COL SS Clint Barnes  
Holmes $2 CHC C Michael Barrett signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $9 TOR SP,RP Miguel Batista  
  $6 MON 3B Tony Batista  
  $0 BAL RP Rick Bauer  
Jeff $3 ARI OF Danny Bautista signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL BAL (P) Denny Bautista  
  $11 PIT OF Jason Bay 15DL shldr - midMay - in rehab,but still can't field(4-26)
  $8 SD RP Rod Beck personal health issue (?) maybe May? (4-15-04)
  $28 FLA SP Josh Beckett  
  UL BAL (RP) Erik Bedard  
  $0 PIT RP Joe Beimel  
  $0 CIN RP Matt Belisle  
  $0 PHI 3B David Bell  
  $1 TB SP Rob Bell  
Holmes $4 BOS 2B,3B Mark Bellhorn signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $4 CLE 2B Ron Belliard  
  UL BAL (SS,OF) Clay Bellinger  
Joel $34 KC OF Carlos Beltran Unconditional - 2003
  UL CHC (RP) Francis Beltran  
  $10 LA 3B Adrian Beltre  
  $0 WSx OF Marvin Benard  
  UL StL (SP) Alan Benes  
H.Cow $5 FLA RP Armando Benitez Transaction #2 - May 24
  $1 MIL C Gary Bennett  
  $1 TEX SP Joaquin Benoit  
Joel $2 PIT SP Kris Benson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $2 PIT SP Kris Benson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 CLE SP Jason Bere  
  $0 TOR 2B,3B Dave Berg  
  UL KC (OF) Brandon Berger  
Joel UL MIL (OF) Peter Bergeron signed to '04OpenDayRstr Trade frm MON to MIL 6-7
LJ $27 HOU OF Lance Berkman 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 COL SP,RP Adam Bernero  
Jeff $23 KC SS Angel M. Berroa signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 CLE RP Rafael Betancourt  
  UL ATL (SS) Wilson Betemit  
  $17 MON RP Rocky Biddle dopped by Jeff May 1
  UL BOS (RP) Nick Bierbrodt  
  $12 BAL OF Larry Bigbie  
  $11 HOU OF Craig Biggio  
  $7 CLE 1B,3B Casey Blake  
Joel $21 TEX 3B Hank Blalock Unconditional - 2003
  $0 MIN C Henry Blanco  
  $1 SEA SS,3B,OF Willie Bloomquist  
  $5 TB 2B,SS,3B Geoff Blum  
  UL SEA (OF) Hiram Bocachica  
  $0 PIT RP Brian Boehringer  
  $2 DET SP Jeremy Bonderman  
LJ $33 SF OF Barry Bonds Unconditional - 2003
Joel $0 MIL RP Jung Keun Bong 2003 Conditional - Kept
JAM $0 MIL RP Jung Keun Bong 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL MIN (P) Boof Bonser  
  UL CIN (RP) Chris Booker  
  $20 NYY 2B,3B Aaron Boone  
Holmes $28 SEA 2B Bret Boone 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 ANA SP Chris Bootcheck  
  $0 WSx OF Joe Borchard  
  UL FLA (RP) Toby Borland  
  $20 CHC RP Joe Borowski  
  UL NYY (SP) Danny Borrell  
  UL NYM (RP) Ricky Bottalico  
  $0 OAK RP Micah Bowie  
  UL MIL (RP) Brian Bowles  
  UL PIT (RP) Jason Boyd  
LJ UL HOU (RP) Brandon Bracke signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $6 OAK RP Chad Bradford  
  $20 LA OF Milton Bradley  
  $0 NYY OF Darren Bragg  
  $1 ATL 1B,3B,OF Russell Branyan  
  $1 TB SP Dewon Brazelton  
  $0 MON 1B Larry Broadway  
  UL TEX (RP) Doug Brocail  
  UL LA (RP) Troy Brohawn  
Holmes $5 CLE 1B Ben Broussard signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 SF SP,RP Jim Brower  
  $1 KC OF Dee Brown  
Joel $27 NYY SP Kevin K. Brown 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL CHC (OF) Roosevelt Brown  
  $3 SD 1B,OF Brian Buchanan  
  UL HOU (P) Taylor Buchholz  
  $19 WSx SP Mark Buehrle dropped by LJ - 2003
  $1 KC RP Ryan Bukvich  
  $0 FLA RP Nate Bump  
  $0 MIL RP Dave Burba  
  $2 BOS SP John Burkett  
  $0 WSx C Jamie Burke  
  $0 BOS OF Ellis Burks  
Joel $1 FLA SP A.J. Burnett signed to '04OpenDayRstr 15-DL elbw mid-Jun? (4-21)
  UL PIT (P) Sean Burnett  
H.Cow $8 COL OF Jeromy Burnitz Transaction #2 - May 24
  $15 PHI OF Pat Burrell  
LJ $14 SD 3B Sean Burroughs '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL NYY (2B) Homer Bush  
  $0 SD SP,RP Mike Bynum  
  $25 PHI OF Marlon Byrd  
  $1 ATL SP Paul Byrd TommyJohnSurgery-may be back in May/June? (4-4-04)
  $6 OAK OF Eric Byrnes  
  UL CLE (RP) Fernando Cabrera  
  $4 LA 2B,OF Jolbert Cabrera  
  $17 FLA 3B,OF Miguel Cabrera  
  $27 MON SS Orlando Cabrera  
  $1 NYY 2B,3B,OF Miguel Cairo  
  $1 StL RP Kiko Calero  
  $0 TEX SP,RP Mickey Callaway 60DL arm-out for season-maybe May surgery(4-26-04)
  $3 MON OF Rom Callaway  
  $17 NYM OF Mike Cameron  
  $1 MIL SP Chris Capuano  
  $0 StL SP Chris Carpenter  
  UL SEA (RP) Giovanni Carrara  
  $0 KC RP D.J. Carrasco  
  $0 MON 2B,SS,3B Jamey Carroll  
  $18 TB RP Lance Carter  
  $13 CIN 1B Sean Casey  
  $0 TOR C Kevin Cash  
  $8 COL 3B Vinny Castilla  
  $0 SF C Alberto Castillo  
  $22 FLA 2B Luis Castillo  
  $0 SD 2B Bernie Castro  
  $0 CIN 2B,SS,3B Juan Castro  
  $6 FLA C Ramon Castro  
  $11 TOR OF Frank Catalanotto  
  $13 NYM OF Roger Cedeno  
  $0 MON OF Matt Cepicky  
  $0 KC RP Jaime Cerda  
  $9 COL SP,RP Shawn Chacon  
  $7 MON OF Endy Chavez  
H.Cow $21 OAK 3B Eric Chavez Unconditional - 2003
  $2 HOU C Raul Chavez  
  UL TOR (RP) Bruce Chen  
  UL CHC (RP) Scott Chiasson  
  UL MON (P) Jason Childers   Trade frm MIL to MON 6-7
  UL MIL (RP) Matt Childers  
  UL ARI (RP) Randy Choate  
  $7 FLA 1B Hee Seop Choi  
  UL TEX (OF) Ryan Christenson  
Jeff $0 SF RP Jason Christiansen '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL TOR (RP) Vinny Chulk  
Jeff $15 ARI SS,3B Alex Cintron 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 SD 3B Jeff Cirillo 15DL finger @L early/mid-May (4-14-04)
  $7 MIL OF Brady Clark  
  $1 NYM 1B Tony Clark  
  $0 CIN SP Brandon Clauson  
  $1 COL SS Royce Clayton  
Joel $0 HOU SP Roger Clemens signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Holmes $0 HOU SP Roger Clemens signed to '04OpenDayRstr
LJ $0 HOU SP Roger Clemens signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $0 HOU SP Roger Clemens signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $0 HOU SP Roger Clemens signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Chad UL ?? (C) Jeff Clement 03 Minr.Lg Protectn
H.Cow UL CHC (SP) Matt Clement signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL PHI (RP) Dave Coggin  
  $0 ARI 1B Greg Colbrunn  
  $1 TB RP Jesus Colome  
Holmes $24 ANA SP Bartolo Colon 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 LA RP Steve Colyer  
  $0 SD SP Clay Condrey  
  $15 FLA 1B,OF Jeff Conine  
  $10 NYY SP Jose Contreras  
  $0 COL SP,RP Aaron Cook  
  UL HOU (SS) Mike Coolbaugh  
  $0 LA 1B,3B Ron Coomer  
  UL SF (P) Brian Cooper  
  $3 LA 2B,SS Alex Cora  
  $0   RP Chad Cordero  
  $21 TEX RP Francisco Cordero  
  $6 FLA 1B Wil Cordero  
  $0 BAL OF Marty Cordova 15DL Elbw out indefinitely (4-4-04)
  $0 PIT RP Mark Corey  
  $4 PHI RP Rheal Cormier  
  $1 DET SP Nate Cornejo  
  $1 SF SP Kevin Correia  
  UL PIT (C) Humberto Cota  
  $0 WSx SP Neal Cotts  
  $3 MIL SS,3B Craig Counsell  
  $4 StL 1B Steve Cox  
JAM $26 TB OF Carl Crawford '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $13 WSx 3B Joe Crede  
  UL StL (RP) Doug Creek  
  UL BOS (2B) Cesar Crespo  
  $0 CLE RP Jack Cressend  
  $12 CLE OF Covelli "Coco" Crisp  
Holmes $11 OAK SS Bobby Crosby signed to '04OpenDayRstr sore knee-out,but noDL(4-26)
  UL PHI (RP) Jim Crowell  
  $0 MIN RP Mike Crudale  
  $3 TB SS Deivi Cruz  
  UL CIN (OF) Jacob Cruz  
  $11 TB OF Jose Cruz Jr  
H.Cow $1 ATL SP,RP Juan Cruz '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL FLA (RP) Nelson Cruz  
Holmes $0 MIN OF Mike Cuddyer signed to '04OpenDayRstr
LJ $0 MIN OF Mike Cuddyer signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $0 ATL RP Will Cunnane signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 BAL DH,(OF) Jack Cust  
  UL ANA (RP) Eric Cyr  
  $0 BAL SP Omar Daal 60DL Shldr out until @L July (4-4-04)
  $1 CLE SP Jeff C. D'Amico  
  $23 BOS OF Johnny Damon  
  $0 WSx RP Vic Darensbourg  
  $0 WSx 1B,OF Brian Daubach  
  $10 ANA OF Jeff DaVanon  
  $2 SEA C Ben Davis  
  $1 MIL SP Doug P. Davis  
  $0 PIT OF J.J. Davis  
  $4 CLE SP Jason Davis  
  UL KC (RP) Joey Dawley  
LJ $0 MON SP Zach Day signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $6 BAL RP Mike DeJean  
  $0 KC OF David DeJesus  
  $27 TOR 1B Carlos Delgado dropped by H.Cow - 2003
Jeff $1 TEX OF David Dellucci Transaction #1 - May 1
  $0 MIL RP Jorge DeLaRosa  
  UL TOR (RP) Valerio DeLosSantos  
  $0 CHC SP Ryan Dempster 60DL Elbw - may return Jun-July? (4-4-04)
  $0 NYY SP Jorge DePaula  
Joel $4 ATL 2B,3B,SS Mark DeRosa signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $4 ATL 2B,3B,SS Mark DeRosa signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $3 ARI SP Elmer Dessens dropped byHolmes-May24
  $1 TEX C Einar Diaz  
  $0 TEX SP,RP R.A. Dickey  
  $0 DET C Mike DiFelice  
  $0 MIL SP Ben Diggins  
  $0 TEX RP Juan Dominguez  
H.Cow $5 ANA RP Brendan Donnelly signed to '04OpenDayRstr 15DL nose-maybe May(4-19)
LJ $22 HOU RP Octavio Dotel signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $22 HOU RP Octavio Dotel signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL MIN (RP) Sean Douglass  
  $1 LA SP Darren Dreifort  
  $1 TEX SP Ryan Drese  
  $13 ATL OF J.D. Drew  
  UL ATL (RP) Tim Drew  
  UL COL (RP) Travis Driskill  
  $5 BAL SP Eric DuBose  
  $0 OAK SP Justin Duchscherer  
JAM $0 HOU SP,RP Brandon Duckworth signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL StL (RP) Matt Duff  
  $0 NYM OF Jeff Duncan  
  $17 CIN 1B,OF Adam Dunn  
  UL ANA (P) Scott Dunn  
  $12 OAK 1B Erubiel Durazo  
  UL CLE (RP) Chad Durbin  
  $16 SF 2B Ray Durham  
  $0 TOR RP Jayson Durocher  
  $7 OAK OF Jermaine Dye  
  UL FLA (2B) Damion Easley  
  $15 SD SP Adam Eaton  
  $0 DET RP Eric Eckenstahler  
  $12 ANA SS David Eckstein  
Jeff $18 StL OF Jim Edmonds Signed to OpenDayRstr
  $0 MON RP Joey Eischen 15DL elbow - maybe mid-May (4-3-04)
  $0 COL SP Scott Elarton  
  $0 StL RP Cal Eldred  
  $7 OAK 2B Mark Ellis Shldr - out for season! (4-10-04)
  $0 SF OF Jason Ellison  
  $2 BOS RP Alan Embree  
  UL CIN (3B) Edwin Encarnacion  
  $19 LA OF Juan Encarnacion  
  UL DET (P) John Ennis  
  $15 HOU 3B Morgan Ensberg  
  UL NYM (SP) Scott Erickson 15DL hamstring (4-19-04)
  $15 ANA OF Darin Erstad  
  UL NYY (SS) Felix Escalona  
  $2 CLE OF Alex Escobar  
  $10 ANA SP,RP Kelvim Escobar fingernail - status uncertain (4-26-04)
  $0 ARI C Bobby Estalella  
  $0 COL SP Shawn Estes  
  $5 ATL C Johnny Estrada  
  $1 MIL RP Leo Estrella  
LJ $0 CIN SP Seth Etherton signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $5 HOU SS Adam Everett  
  $15 MON OF Carl Everett 15DL Shldr mid-May? (4-15-04)
  $0 SF RP Scott Eyre 15DL back (4-6-04)
  UL MON (P) Jeff Farnsworth  
  $1 CHC RP Kyle Farnsworth  
  UL NYY (C) Sal Fasano  
  $0 COL SP,RP Jeff Fassero  
  $1 KC 2B Carlos Febles  
  $0 NYM RP Pedro Feliciano  
Jeff $5 SF 1B,3B,OF Pedro Feliz Transaction #1 - May 1
  $0 HOU SP,RP Jared Fernandez  
  $6 TB 1B Robert Fick  
  $0 KC RP Nate Field  
Joel UL MIL (1B) Prince Fielder '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $9 ANA 2B,OF Chone Figgins  
Chad $0 PIT RP Nelson Figueroa 03 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL MON (RP) Jeremy Fikac  
  UL TOR (RP) Bob File  
  $21 ARI OF Steve Finley  
  UL HOU (RP) Tony Fiore  
  UL ANA (RP) Rich Fischer  
  $0 NYY C John Flaherty  
  UL StL (P) Randy Flores  
  $15 NYM OF Cliff Floyd  
LJ $0 PHI SP Gavin Floyd '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $2 PIT SP Josh Fogg  
LJ $2 SF SP Jesse Foppert '04 Minr.Lg Protectn 60DL Elbw maybe Sept?
  $1 MIN OF Lew Ford  
  $0 MIL RP Matt Ford  
  $3 TB C Brook Fordyce  
  $2 ARI SP Casey Fossum 15DL Shldr maybe May? (4-3-04)
  $32 BOS RP Keith Foulke  
  $0 MON 2B Andy Fox  
  $4 FLA RP Chad Fox  
LJ $0 NYM RP John Franco signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 ATL 1B Julio Franco  
  $0 ATL 1B Matt Franco  
Joel UL ATL (OF) Jeff Francoeur '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $13 SEA SP Ryan Franklin  
  $0 MIL SP Wayne Franklin  
  $6 CIN 2B,OF Ryan Freel  
  UL COL (OF) Choo Freeman  
  $2 COL RP Brian Fuentes  
  $7 TEX 1B Brad Fullmer  
  $0 MIN RP Aaron Fultz  
Joel $27 ATL SS Rafael Furcal 03 Minr.Lg Protectn-Kept
JAM $27 ATL SS Rafael Furcal 03 Minr.Lg Protectn-Kept
JAM $36 LA RP Eric Gagne Unconditional - 2003
JAM $4 SF 1B Andres Galarraga signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL StL (1B) John Gall  
  $0 HOU RP Mike Gallo  
  $0 NYM 2B Danny Garcia  
  $15 SEA SP Freddy An. Garcia dropped by Holmes - 2003
JAM $0 ATL 2B(SS) Jesse Garcia signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $4 NYM OF Karim Garcia  
  $0 BOS RP Reynaldo Garcia 15DL Elbw - out 'til early May? (3-31-04)
  $0 TEX RP Rosman Garcia  
  $28 BOS SS Nomar Garciaparra 15DL Achilles' - possb.early May (4-19-04)
  UL SF (P) Lee Gardner  
  $5 WSx SP,RP Jon Garland  
  $0 TB SP,RP Chad Gaudin  
  $1 KC SP Chris C. George  
H.Cow UL OAK (2B) Esteban German '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $3 DET RP Franklyn German  
LJ $14 CLE OF Jody Gerut signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $24 NYY 1B Jason Giambi Unconditional - 2003
  $0 LA OF Jeremy Giambi  
  $15 BAL 1B,OF Jay Gibbons  
  UL COL (2B) Benji Gil  
  $2 BAL C Geronimo Gil  
JAM $27 SD OF Brian J. Giles 2003 Conditional - Kept
Joel $22 ATL 2B Marcus Giles '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
JAM $22 ATL 2B Marcus Giles '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $6 MIL 2B,3B Keith Ginter  
  $0 WSx RP Matt Ginter  
  $2 PHI OF Doug Glanville  
  $19 ANA 3B Troy Glaus  
  $10 NYM SP Tom Glavine dropped by JAM - 2003
  UL CHC (RP) Gary Glover  
  $1 KC SP Jimmy Gobble  
  $0 TB DH Jonny Gomes  
  UL OAK (RP) Wayne Gomes  
  $0 TOR 2B,3B,OF Chris Gomez  
  $0 TEX 1B Adrian Gonzalez  
  $6 CHC SS Alex S. Gonzalez  
  $7 FLA SS Alex Gonzalez  
  $0 ARI SP Edgar Gonzalez  
  UL ARI (P) Edgar G. Gonzalez  
  $9 TB SP Jeremi Gonzalez  
  $11 KC OF Juan Gonzalez  
Jeff $24 ARI OF Luis E. Gonzalez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 PIT RP Mike Gonzalez  
  $0 NYM OF Raul Gonzalez  
  $0 SD C Wiki Gonzalez  
  $1 ARI SP,RP Andrew Good  
  $4 CHC OF Tom Goodwin  
  $8 NYY RP Tom Gordon  
  UL ARI (P) Mike Gosling  
  $0 PIT RP John Grabow  
  $2 KC 2B,SS,3B Tony Graffanino  
Joel $3 CIN SP,RP Danny Graves signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $3 CIN SP,RP Danny Graves signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $23 LA OF Shawn Green dropped by JAM - 2003
  UL ANA (RP) Steve Green  
  $0 SD SS Khalil Greene  
  $1 COL C Todd Greene  
  UL TEX (OF) Rusty Greer 60DL shldr - maybe Sept? (4-2-04)
  $0 ANA SP Kevin Gregg  
  $0 KC SP Zack Greinke  
  UL MIN (SP) Seth Greisinger  
  $3 MIL OF Ben Grieve  
  $16 CIN OF Ken Griffey, Jr. dropped by Holmes - 2003
  UL TOR (OF) John-Ford Griffin  
  $0 NYM SP Jeremy Griffiths  
  $0 KC RP Jason Grimsley  
  $14 SF OF Marquis Grissom  
  $2 BAL RP Buddy Groom  
  $0 TOR OF Gabe Gross  
  $10 CHC 2B Mark Grudzielanek dopped by Jeff May 1  
JAM $0 ATL RP Kevin Gryboski signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Holmes $10 SEA RP Eddie Guardado signed to '04OpenDayRstr
LJ $10 SEA RP Eddie Guardado signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Jeff $10 SEA RP Eddie Guardado signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $36 ANA OF Vladimir Guerrero Unconditional - 2003 soreRt.knee: no DL yet (4-27)
  $10 KC OF Aaron Guiel  
  $7 DET SS,3B Carlos Guillen  
Jeff $18 ANA OF Jose Guillen '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $0 PIT RP Mark Guthrie  
  $0 CLE SS Ricky Gutierrez  
  $13 MIN SS Cristian Guzman dropped by Holmes - 2003
  $0 TB 1B,3B Edwards Guzman  
  UL CLE (RP) Luther Hackman  
  $4 CLE 1B Travis Hafner  
  $14 BAL 2B Jerry Hairston, Jr. 15DL finger @L May (4-4-04)
  UL ARI (2B) Scott Hairston  
  $0 TB SP,RP John Halama  
  $2 MIL 2B,SS Bill Hall  
  UL CIN (SP) Josh Hall Shldr-out for season!
  $9 TB C Toby Hall  
  $34 TOR SP Roy Halladay  
LJ $0 ANA 1B,2B,SS,3B Shane Halter signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 PHI SP Cole Hamels  
  UL SD (RP) Joey Hamilton  
  $0 TB OF Josh Hamilton  
Jeff $0 ARI C,3B,OF Robby Hammock signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 OAK RP Chris Hammond  
  $0 SF OF Jeffrey Hammonds  
  $18 ATL SP Mike Hampton  
  UL PHI (RP) Josh Hancock  
  UL SEA (1B) Dave Hansen  
  $2 CIN SP Aaron Harang  
  $9 OAK SP Rich Harden  
  $0 MIL SS J.J. Hardy  
  $1 StL SP Dan Haren  
  $1 TB RP Travis Harper  
  UL FLA (3B) Lenny Harris  
  $0 WSx 2B,OF Willie Harris  
  $6 StL 2B Bo Hart  
  UL MIL (3B) Corey Hart  
  $8 KC 1B Ken Harvey  
  $0 OAK RP Chad Harville  
  $8 SEA RP Shigetoshi Hasegawa  
  UL BAL (C) Bill Haselman  
  $4 OAK 1B Scott Hatteberg  
Joel $7 CHC RP LaTroy Hawkins signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $7 CHC RP LaTroy Hawkins signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL COL (OF) Brad Hawpe  
  $1 CIN SP Jimmy Haynes  
Jeff $0 NYM SP Aaron Heilman '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $1 MIN SP,RP Rick Helling  
  $7 MIL 3B Wes Helms  
LJ $34 COL 1B Todd Helton Unconditional - 2003
  $0 LA OF Rickey Henderson  
  UL MIL (P) Ben Hendrickson  
  $0 TB SP Mark Hendrickson  
  $0 DET SP Rob M. Henkel  
  $0 ?NYY 3B Drew Henson  
  $8 TOR SP Pat Hentgen  
  $0 NYY RP Felix Heredia 15DL finger - return uncertain (4-17-04)
Joel $0 SF RP Matt Herges signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL TOR (OF) Chad Hermansen  
  $0 SF SP,RP Dustin Hermanson 15DL back - retroactive to 4-21 (4-27-04)
  UL MIL (P) Adrian Hernandez  
  $0 HOU SP Carlos E. Hernandez  
  $6 LA SS,3B Jose Hernandez  
  $11 MON SP Livan Hernandez  
  $2 NYY SP Orlando Hernandez 15DL Shldr maybe by June? (4-17-04)
  $11 SD C Ramon Hernandez  
  $1 PHI RP Roberto Hernandez  
  $1 KC SP Runelvys Hernandez 60DL elbow - maybe Sept? (4-9-04)
  $0 ATL OF Mike Hessman  
  $20 HOU OF Richard Hidalgo  
  $7 DET OF Bobby Higginson  
  UL KC (RP) Erik Hiljus  
H.Cow $4 PIT 2B Bobby Hill signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL NYM (RP) Jeremy Hill  
Holmes $15 ARI 1B,3B Shea Hillenbrand 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 PHI C A.J. Hinch  
  $16 TOR 3B Eric Hinske  
  $0 SD SP,RP Sterling Hitchcock 15DL ribs - early May? (4-16-04)
  $0 COL 2B,SS,3B Denny Hocking  
  $0 MON 3B Scott Hodges  
  $0 ATL RP Trey Hodges  
  $15 SD RP Trevor Hoffman  
  $0 CHC OF Todd Hollandsworth  
  UL ATL (RP) Darren Holmes  
  UL TB (RP) Mike Holtz  
  $0 PIT C J.R. House  
  $0 PHI 3B Tyler Houston  
  $1 SD SP Ben Howard  
  UL CLE (RP) Bob Howry  
  UL NYM (C) Justin Huber  
  UL CIN (RP) Luke Hudson  
  $9 TOR 2B Orlando Hudson  
JAM $32 OAK SP Tim Hudson 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $24 TB 1B,OF Aubrey Huff  
  $0 CIN 3B Tim Hummel  
  UL LA (C) Todd Hundley Back - out indefinitely (4-22-04)
  UL SD (OF) Brian L. Hunter  
Jeff $20 MIN OF Torii Hunter signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 FLA SP Trevor Hutchinson  
  UL BOS (OF) Adam Hyzdu  
  $19 SEA 1B,OF Raul Ibanez  
  $0 DET SS Omar Infante  
  $2 DET C Brandon Inge  
  $5 LA SP Kazuhisa "Kaz" Ishii  
  $23 StL RP Jason Isringhausen  
  $3 LA SS Cesar Izturis  
Jeff $3 COL 2B,SS,OF Damian Jackson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $8 LA SP Edwin Jackson  
  UL WSx (RP) Mike Jackson  
  UL FLA (RP) Delvin James  
  $0 SEA SP Kevin Jarvis  
  $13 MIL OF Geoff Jenkins  
LJ $1 ANA SP(RP) Bobby Jenks '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $0 COL SP Jason Jennings  
  UL SF (P) Ryan Jensen  
LJ $25 NYY SS Derek Jeter Unconditional - 2003
  $15 CIN 2B D'Angelo Jimenez  
  $1 CLE SP,RP Jose Jimenez  
  $3 COL C Charles Johnson  
  $3 DET SP Jason M. Johnson  
  UL ATL (SS) Kelly Johnson  
  UL MIL (C) Mark L. Johnson  
  UL ?NYM (1B) Mark P. Johnson  
LJ $15 MON 1B Nick Johnson '04 Minr.Lg Protectn 15DL-back - earlyJune (4-22)
Holmes $30 ARI SP Randy Johnson Unconditional - 2003
  $10 TOR OF Reed Johnson  
Joel $25 ATL OF Andruw Jones Unconditional - 2003
  UL BOS (RP) Bobby M Jones  
Joel $27 ATL OF Chipper Jones 2003 Conditional - Kept 15DL hammy-earlyMay(4-27)
  $0 ANA RP Greg Jones 15DL shldr - @L late April (4-2-04)
  $21 MIN OF Jacque Jones dropped by H.Cow - 2003
  $0 TEX (1B)OF Jason Jones  
  $0 TB RP Todd Jones  
  $9 TEX OF Brian Jordan  
  $0 ARI OF Felix Jose  
  $0 StL RP Jimmy Journell  
LJ $22 BAL RP Jorge Julio signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL PHI (RP) Eric Junge 15DL shldr-still having trbl from Jul'03 surgry(4-5-04)
  $5 BOS OF Gabe Kapler  
  $3 OAK 1B Eric Karros  
  $1 NYY RP Steve Karsay 60DL shlrdr - out indefinitely (4-12-04)
Jeff $6 ARI 2B,3B Matt Kata signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL NYM (P) Scott Kazmir  
  $17 CIN OF Austin Kearns broke left forearm 4-27, out indefinitely
  UL NYM (OF) Kenny Kelly  
H.Cow $0 CHC OF David Kelton '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
Joel $17 PIT C Jason Kendall Unconditional - 2003
  $16 ANA 2B Adam Kennedy  
  $2 TB SP,RP Joe Kennedy  
H.Cow $26 HOU 2B Jeff Kent 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $3 TOR RP Jason Kershner  
  $9 OAK OF Bobby Kielty out: not on DL yet - Ribs - day-to-day (4-27-04)
  $17 BOS RP Byung-Hyun Kim 15DL shldr - currently in AAA rehab (4-19-04)
  $0 MON SP Sun-Woo Kim  
  $1 StL RP Ray King  
  UL SD (OF) Eugene (Gene) Kingsale  
  $0 LA OF Mike Kinkade  
LJ $0 MIL SP Matt Kinney signed to '04OpenDayRstr
LJ $0 DET 3B Danny Klassen signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $18 SD 1B Ryan Klesko  
Joel $0 StL RP Steve Kline signed to '04OpenDayRstr
LJ $0 StL RP Steve Kline signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $0 StL RP Steve Kline signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 DET SP Gary Knotts  
Jeff $4 WSx RP Billy Koch signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $19 MIL RP Danny Kolb  
Jeff $15 WSx 1B Paul Konerko signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL OAK (1B) Graham Koonce  
  $2 ARI RP Mike Koplove  
  $14 MIN 3B Corey Koskie  
  UL ANA (1B) Casey Kotchman  
  $13 OAK OF Mark Kotsay  
  UL TEX (RP) Ben Kozlowski  
  UL MIL (OF) Dave Krynzel  
  UL MIN (OF) Jason Kubel  
  $6 ANA SP John Lackey  
LJ $0 TB C Pete LaForest signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 TEX C Gerald Laird  
  UL NYY (3B) Mike Lamb  
  $0 HOU OF Jason Lane  
  UL ATL (OF) Ryan Langerhans  
  UL StL (OF) Ray Lankford  
  $3 CIN SS Barry Larkin  
  $5 ATL 1B Adam LaRoche  
  $0 CIN 3B Brandon Larson  
  $5 CIN C Jason LaRue  
  $17 SD SP Brian Lawrence  
  $8 CLE OF Matt Lawton  
  $10 MIN C,1B Matt LeCroy 15DL Oblique - on MnrLg rehab (4-21-04)
Holmes $1 PHI OF Ricky Ledee '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $0 DET SP,RP Wil Ledezma  
  $28 WSx OF Carlos Lee  
Jeff $10 CLE SP Clifton (Cliff) Lee Transaction #1 - May 1
  $24 CHC 1B Derrek Lee  
  $11 NYY 1B Travis Lee  
  $0 CHC RP Jon Leicester  
Jeff $15 NYM SP Al Leiter signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL BAL (3B) Jose J. Leon  
  $2 KC RP Curtis Leskanic  
  $1 DET RP Al Levine  
  $0 TEX SP Colby Lewis  
  $11 HOU RP Brad Lidge dropped by Holmes - 2003
Joel $0 CIN SP Cory Lidle signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $0 CIN SP Cory Lidle signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $2 NYY SP Jon Lieber 15DL Groin (OUCH!) early May?
  $13 PHI C Mike Lieberthal  
  $0 MIL 1B Jeff Liefer  
  $0 TOR RP Kerry Ligtenberg  
H.Cow $7 TOR SP Ted Lilly signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $1 LA SP Jose Lima signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $2 StL RP Mike Lincoln  
  $0 SF OF Todd Linden  
  $0 SD SP,RP Scott Linebrink  
  $0 KC RP Graeme Lloyd  
Holmes $11 LA C,1B Paul Lo Duca 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $23 WSx SP Esteban Loaiza  
  $17 NYY OF Kenny Lofton dropped by HCow -May24 15DL Quads (4-18-04)
  $10 MIN SP Kyle Lohse  
  UL LA (1B) James Loney  
  $5 SD OF Terrence Long  
Joel $7 NYM RP Braden Looper signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Jeff $7 NYM RP Braden Looper signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $17 TOR RP Aquilino Lopez  
  $0 CIN SS Felipe Lopez  
JAM $19 BAL C Javy Lopez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 COL RP Javier Lopez  
  UL SEA (2B) Jose Lopez  
  UL MON (3B) Luis Lopez  
  UL BAL (SS) Luis M. Lopez  
  $0 KC 1B,2B,3B Mendy Lopez  
  $3 BAL SP Rodrigo Lopez  
  $16 SD 2B Mark Loretta  
  $0 DET SP,RP Shane Loux  
Jeff $19 BOS SP Derek Lowe signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $18 FLA 3B Mike Lowell  
  $2 CLE OF Ryan Ludwick  
  $12 TB SS Julio Lugo  
  UL TEX (C) Fernando Lunar  
  $2 ARI RP Brandon Lyon 60DL Elbow - out 'til @L late-July (4-3-04)
  $0 StL OF John Mabry  
  $13 KC RP Mike M. MacDougal  
  UL PHI (SS) Anderson Machado  
  $1 CHC 3B,OF Jose Macias  
  $2 PIT 2B,3B,OF Rob Mackowiak  
JAM $19 CHC SP Greg Maddux 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL MIL (OF) Chris Magruder  
  $0 TEX RP Ron Mahay  
  UL MON (RP) Pat Mahomes  
  UL StL (C) Mike J. Mahoney  
  $0 BOS RP Mark Malaska  
  UL WSx (RP) Corwin Malone  
  UL NYY (P) Jim Mann  
  $20 ARI RP Matt Mantei  
  $0 DET SP Mike Maroth  
  $0 StL RP Jason Marquis  
  $1 ATL OF Eli Marrero  
Joel UL ATL (3B) Andy Marte '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
JAM UL ATL (3B) Andy Marte '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
Holmes $14 WSx RP Damaso Marte signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $14 WSx RP Damaso Marte signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 TB OF Al Martin  
  $0 LA RP Tom Martin  
  $12 SEA DH Edgar Martinez  
  $0 StL SP Luis Martinez  
Joel $36 BOS SP Pedro Martinez 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $1 CHC 2B,SS,3B Ramon E. Martinez  
  $11 TB 1B Tino Martinez  
JAM $6 CLE C Victor J. Martinez Unconditional - 2003
  $6 MON 2B Henry Mateo  
  $4 SEA RP Julio Mateo  
  $0 CIN OF Ruben Mateo  
  $1 StL C Mike Matheny  
Jeff $0 ANA C Jeff Mathis '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL MON (SS) Julius Matos  
  $19 BAL OF Luis Matos  
  $18 NYY OF Hideki Matsui  
Jeff $26 NYM SS Kazuo Matsui signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 CIN RP Mike Matthews  
  $8 ATL OF Gary Matthews, Jr.  
  UL CIN (SP) D. Mattox Shldr - out for season!
Joel $4 MIN C Joe Mauer '04 Minr.Lg Protectn 15DL knee-May? (4-21)
JAM $4 MIN C Joe Mauer '04 Minr.Lg Protectn 15DL knee-May? (4-21)
  UL TOR (P) Dave Maurer  
  $11 KC SP Darrell May  
  $2 ARI C Brent Mayne  
  $0 MIN SP Joe Mays  
  UL BOS (OF) David McCarty  
  $0 TB SP,RP Seth McClung 60DL Elbw-out until @L July (2-24-04)
  $0 SEA OF Quinton McCracken  
  $0 CLE 2B,SS,3B John McDonald  
  $0 TEX SS,3B Marshall McDougall  
  $0 NYM 2B,SS,OF Joe McEwing  
  $3 TB 1B Fred McGriff  
  $5 BAL SS,3B,OF(2B) Mark McLemore knee - May?  began Mnr.Lg.rehab 4-26 (4-26-04)
  $0 OAK OF Billy McMillon  
  $0 ANA 3B Dallas McPherson  
  $2 PIT SP,RP Brian Meadows  
  UL PIT (SS) Pat Meares  
  $0 DET RP Chris Mears  
  $12 SEA SP Gil Meche  
  $0 OAK RP Jim Mecir  
  UL BOS (2B) Jesus Medrano  
  $4 OAK C Adam Melhuse  
  UL TB (C) Mitch Meluskey  
  $7 TEX OF Kevin Mench  
  $1 BOS RP Ramiro Mendoza  
  $0 OAK 2B,3B Frank Menechino  
  UL PHI (P) Hector Mercado  
  $0 PIT 1B,OF Orlando Merced  
  $0 MON RP Jose Mercedes  
  $0 CHC RP Kent Mercker  
  $0 CLE 2B,SS,3B Lou Merloni  
  $5 PIT RP Jose Mesa  
  $0 HOU RP Dan Miceli  
Chad $0 PHI OF Jason Michaels 03 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL MIL (P) Chris Michalak  
  UL ANA (P) Jason Middlebrook  
  $11 MIN 1B Doug Mientkiewicz  
  $0 COL 2B Aaron Miles  
  $14 BOS 1B,OF Kevin Millar  
  $0 CIN C Corky Miller  
  $2 OAK C Damian Miller  
  UL LA (P) Greg Miller  
  $0 TOR SP,RP Justin Miller  
  UL CLE (RP) Matt J. Miller  
  $1 TB RP Trever Miller  
H.Cow $21 HOU SP Wade Miller 2003 Conditional - Kept
LJ $29 PHI SP Kevin Millwood signed to '04OpenDayRstr
H.Cow $7 PHI SP Eric Milton signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 BOS C Doug Mirabelli  
H.Cow $0 CHC SP Sergio Mitre signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 HOU SP Brian Moehler  
  $2 MIL C Chad Moeller  
  $3 SF OF Dustan Mohr  
  $7 ANA C Bengie Molina  
  $0 ANA C Jose Molina  
  $17 PIT OF Raul Mondesi  
  $5 DET OF Craig Monroe  
Jeff $6 BAL SS,3B,OF Melvin Mora 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 BAL 2B,SS Jose Morban  
  UL FLA (SS) Mike Mordecai  
  $1 NYM RP Orber Moreno  
  $2 MIN DH,(1B) Justin Morneau  
  $22 StL SP Matt Morris  
  $1 DET 2B Warren Morris  
  UL CIN (P) Dustin Moseley  
  $0 TB SP Damian Moss  
  $8 LA RP Guillermo Mota  
  $0 TEX SP Tony Mounce  
  $22 SEA SP Jamie Moyer  
  $14 BOS 3B Bill Mueller  
  $28 OAK SP Mark Mulder  
  $0 SEA RP Terry Mulholland  
  UL MIN (RP) Peter Munro  
  $4 DET 3B Eric Munson  
  UL LA (OF) Calvin Murray  
  $27 NYY SP Mike Mussina  
Chad $4 PHI SP Brett Myers 03 Minr.Lg Protectn
Holmes $4 PHI SP Brett Myers '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
H.Cow $4 PHI SP Brett Myers '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $7 TOR C Greg Myers  
  $0 SEA RP Mike Myers  
  UL LA (RP) Rodney Myers  
  UL CIN (RP) Aaron Myette  
  $5 SD OF Xavier Nady  
  UL SEA (P) Clint Nageotte  
  UL ARI (RP) Shane Nance 15DL Elbw possib.late-Apr. (4-13-04)
Holmes $4 MIN RP Joe Nathan Transaction #3 - May 24
  $0 COL SP Denny Neagle Likely out for season - Elbow (4-4-04)
  $0 FLA RP Blaine Neal  
  UL ATL (P) Bubba Nelson  
  $1 TEX RP Jeff Nelson  
  $17 SF RP Robb Nen 15DL shldr - perhaps May? (4-12-04)
  $0 MIL SP Nick Neugebauer  
  $17 SD 1B,OF Phil Nevin  
  UL LA (P) Doug Nickle  
  $0 SF 1B Lance Niekro  
  UL ANA (C) Wilbert (Wil) Nieves  
  UL ATL (RP) C.J. Nitkowski  
  $0 TEX OF Ramon Nivar  
  $5 TEX OF Laynce Nix  
  $17 BOS OF Trot Nixon 15DL Back - may return by May?
  $24 LA SP Hideo Nomo  
  $0 DET 3B Greg Norton  
  $0 CIN RP Phil Norton  
  UL FLA (OF) Abraham Nunez  
  $2 PIT 2B,SS Abraham O. Nunez  
  $0 COL RP Vladimir Nunez  
  $0 MIL SP Wes Obermueller  
  UL MIN (SS) Jose Offerman  
  $12 MON SP Tomo Ohka  
  UL MIN (SS) Augie Ojeda  
  $1 SD C Miguel Ojeda  
  $0 CHC OF Troy O'Leary  
  $13 SEA 1B John Olerud  
  $0 FLA SP Darren Oliver  
  $7 WSx C Miguel Olivo  
  $0 CIN 2B,SS Ray Olmedo  
Holmes $33 WSx OF Magglio Ordonez Unconditional - 2003
  $1 SD SS Rey Ordonez  
  UL CLE (3B) Kevin Orie  
  $0 SD RP Eddie Oropesa  
  $0 ARI RP Jesse Orosco  
  $18 BOS 1B David Ortiz  
  UL COL (C) Hector Ortiz  
  $14 ANA SP Ramon Ortiz  
Joel $21 ATL SP Russ Ortiz 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL NYY (SP) Donovan Osborne  
  $0 BAL C Keith Osik  
  $1 SD RP Antonio Osuna  
Holmes $22 HOU SP Roy Oswalt Unconditional - 2003
  $3 SD RP Akinori Otsuka  
H.Cow $6 MIL 1B Lyle Overbay signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $3 SEA OF Eric Owens  
  $0 DET 2B Pablo Ozuna  
  UL PHI (OF) Jorge Padilla  
LJ $23 PHI SP Vicente Padilla signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $2 HOU OF Orlando Palmeiro  
  $18 BAL 1B Rafael Palmeiro  
  $0 DET DH,(3B) Dean Palmer  
  $1 TEX SP Chan Ho Park  
  UL MON (P) Christian M. Parker  
  UL StL (P) Chad Paronto  
  UL ARI (SP) Jim Parque  
  $0 BAL RP John Parrish  
  $0 StL SP Rhett Parrott  
  $0 MON 1B Valentino Pascucci  
Holmes $13 CHC OF Corey Patterson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $2 DET RP Danny Patterson  
  $0 KC 3B Jarrod Patterson  
  $0 ARI SP John Patterson  
  UL ANA (C) Josh Paul  
  $10 FLA SP Carl Pavano  
  $20 SD OF Jay Payton  
  $0 StL RP Josh Pearce  
  UL StL (P) Jason Pearson  
  $13 SD SP Jake Peavy  
  $10 DET 1B Carlos Pena  
LJ $0 CIN OF Wily Mo Pena signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $16 FLA SP Brad Penny  
  $0 CLE SS Jhonny Peralta  
  $25 ANA RP Troy Percival dropped by H.Cow - 2003
  $1 TB 2B Antonio Perez  
  $1 ATL C Eddie Perez  
  $4 TB 3B,OF Eduardo Perez  
  $1 SF 2B,SS Neifi Perez  
  $17 LA SP Odalis Perez  
  $3 PIT SP Oliver Perez  
  $5 NYM OF Timo Perez  
Chad $1 PHI 2B,3B Tomas Perez 03 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL FLA (SP) Matt Perisho  
  $1 TEX 1B Herbert Perry  
  $0 ??? RP Robert Person  
LJ $0 DET OF Ben Petrick signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Jeff $21 HOU SP Andy Pettitte signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL SF (P) Adam Pettyjohn  
  $10 TOR DH(1B) Josh Phelps  
  $0 FLA SP Tommy Phelps  
  $0 CLE 2B Brandon Phillips  
  $13 NYM C,1B Jason L. Phillips  
  UL CLE (OF) Adam Piatt  
H.Cow $19 NYM C Mike Piazza Unconditional - 2003
  UL BOS (1B) Calvin Pickering  
  UL SF (P) Kevin P. Pickford  
  $30 FLA OF Juan Pierre  
Jeff $11 SF C A.J. Pierzynski signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $19 SEA SP Joel A. Pineiro  
  $27 MIL OF Scott Podsednik  
  $15 PHI 2B,3B Placido Polanco  
  $2 WSx RP Cliff Politte  
LJ $23 BAL SP Sidney Ponson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 StL OF Colin Porter  
  UL CLE (SP) Mike Porzio  
LJ $17 NYY C Jorge Posada Unconditional - 2003
  UL OAK (P) Lou Pote  
  $0 TEX RP Jay Powell  
  UL ATL (RP) Andy Pratt  
LJ $0 PHI C Todd Pratt signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL KC (C) Tom Prince  
  UL NYY (RP) Bret Prinz  
JAM $35 CHC SP Mark Prior Unconditional - 2003
  UL SD (P) Brandon Puffer  
JAM $37 StL 1B,OF Albert Pujols Unconditional - 2003
  UL MIN (2B) Nick Punto  
  $2 NYY RP Paul Quantrill  
  $0 MIL SP Ruben Quevedo  
  $0 ANA 1B Robb Quinlan  
  UL StL (OF) Mark Quinn  
  $0 TOR C Guillermo Quiroz  
  $16 MIN SP Brad Radke  
  $3 BAL OF Tim Raines Jr  
H.Cow $16 CHC 3B Aramis Ramirez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 TEX RP Erasmo Ramirez  
  $0 BOS SS Hanley Ramirez  
  $10 ATL SP Horacio Ramirez  
  UL ARI (OF) Julio Ramirez  
JAM $30 BOS OF Manny Ramirez 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 OAK SP Mario Ramos  
  UL BAL (P) Robert Ramsay  
  $12 KC 3B Joe Randa  
  $0 ARI RP Stephen Randolph  
  UL SF (SS) Cody Ransom  
  UL WSx (RP) Jon Rauch  
  UL OAK (RP) Britt Reames  
Jeff $0 PIT 2B Jeff Reboulet '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $8 HOU SP Tim Redding  
  $17 OAK SP Mark Redman  
  $8 PIT OF Tike Redman  
  $1 FLA C Mike Redmond  
  $1 WSx OF Jeremy Reed  
  $2 PIT SP,RP Rick Reed  
  $0 COL RP Steve Reed  
  $1 BOS 2B Pokey Reese  
  $0 CIN RP Brian Reith  
  $1 ATL RP Chris Reitsma  
  $9 KC 2B,3B,OF Desi Relaford  
JAM $2 CHC RP Mike Remlinger signed to '04OpenDayRstr 15DL Shldr - earlyMay?
H.Cow $31 StL SS Edgar Renteria 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 MIN OF Michael Restovich  
  UL TB (RP) Al Reyes  
  UL KC (RP) Dennys Reyes  
  $26 NYM 2B,SS Jose Reyes dropped by Jeff - 2003 15DL hamstrng (4-23)
  $0 COL OF Rene Reyes  
  $1 ARI SP Shane Reynolds 15DL shldr - perhaps lateApr - May? (4-6-04)
  UL OAK (P) John Rheinecker  
Holmes $3 OAK RP Arthur Rhodes signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 COL OF Chris Richard  
Joel $0 CIN RP John Riedling signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL BOS (P) Paul Rigdon  
  $0 BAL SP Matt Riley  
  $0 MIN RP Juan Rincon  
  $0 OAK RP Ricardo Rincon  
  UL TOR (3B) Alexis Rios  
  UL FLA (OF) Armando Rios  
  $15 CLE RP David Riske  
  $0 TB SP Todd Ritchie  
  $12 MIN 2B Luis Rivas  
  $1 MON OF Juan Rivera  
  $32 NYY RP Mariano Rivera  
  $0 WSx C Mike Rivera  
  UL MIN (RP) Joe Roa  
Joel $15 BAL 2B Brian Roberts signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $22 LA OF Dave Roberts  
  $0 NYM RP Grant Roberts  
  $0 PIT RP Willis Roberts  
  $2 HOU SP Jeriome Robertson  
  $0 DET SP Nate Robertson  
  $1 StL OF Kerry Robinson  
  $3 DET RP Fernando Rodney  
JAM $37 NYY SS Alex Rodriguez 2003 Conditional - Kept
JAM $2 SF RP Felix Rodriguez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Holmes $9 ANA RP Francisco Rodriguez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $20 DET C Ivan Rodriguez  
  $1 TEX SP Ricardo Rodriguez  
H.Cow UL HOU (P) Wilfredo Rodriguez '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $5 TEX SP Kenny Rogers  
LJ $24 StL 3B Scott Rolen Unconditional - 2003
  $17 PHI SS Jimmy Rollins  
  $9 TB 3B,OF Damian Rolls  
  $0 LA OF Jason Romano  
H.Cow $3 MIN RP J.C. Romero signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 DET SP,RP Matt Roney  
  UL TOR (P) Francisco A. Rosario  
  UL HOU (SP) Rodrigo Rosario  
  $0 DET OF Cody Ross  
  $1 LA C David Ross  
  $1 WSx OF Aaron Rowand  
  UL LA (OF) Wilken Ruan  
  $2 SF SP Kirk Rueter  
  $1 TEX SP,RP Glendon Rusch  
  $1 BAL RP B.J. Ryan  
  $2 MIN OF Michael Ryan  
  $0 HOU RP Kirk Saarloos  
  $17 CLE SP C.C. Sabathia  
  UL TEX (P) Erik Sabel  
  UL CLE (RP) Carl Sadler  
  $0 ARI SS,3B,OF Donnie Sadler  
  UL LA (3B) Olmedo Saenz  
  $12 ANA OF Tim Salmon  
  UL ?? (P) Benji Sampson  
  $23 DET OF Alex Sanchez  
  $0 LA RP Duaner Sanchez  
  $0 CHC RP Felix Sanchez  
  $5 PIT 2B,3B Freddy Sanchez  
  UL CIN (SP) Jesus Sanchez  
  $1 TB 2B,SS Rey Sanchez  
  $0 TB 3B Jared Sandberg  
  $16 StL OF Reggie Sanders  
  $0 ANA SP Ervin Santana  
Jeff $22 MIN SP,RP Johan Santana signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $3 KC C Benito Santiago  
  UL WSx (RP) Jose Santiago  
  $1 SEA 2B,SS Ramon Santiago  
  $0 CLE 2B Angel Santos  
  UL MIL (RP) Victor Santos  
  $12 SEA RP Kazuhiro Sasaki  
  $0 BOS RP Scott Sauerbeck  
H.Cow $33 BOS SP Curt Schilling signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Jeff $33 BOS SP Curt Schilling signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 DET RP Brian Schmack  
Joel $31 SF SP Jason Schmidt 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $6 MON C Brian Schneider  
  $1 WSx SP Scott Schoeneweis  
  UL OAK (2B) Marcos Scutaro  
  UL KC (RP) Rudy Seanez  
  UL SD (1B) Todd Sears  
  UL TB (RP) Bobby Seay  
  UL NYM (P) Shawn Sedlacek  
  $1 BAL 1B David Segui  
  UL CHC (3B) Bill Selby  
  $1 ANA SP Aaron Sele  
  $6 NYM SP Jae Weong Seo dopped by Jeff May 1
H.Cow $25 ARI 1B Richie Sexson signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $9 MIL SP Ben Sheets  
Joel $32 NYY OF Gary Sheffield 2003 Conditional - Kept
Holmes $8 ANA SP,RP Scot Shields signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 BOS C Kelly Shoppach  
  $2 TEX RP Brian Shouse 15DL shldr - in AAAMnr.Lg.rehab (4-22-04)
  $2 LA RP Paul Shuey 15DL thumb - out 'til @L mid-May (4-1-04)
  UL BOS (2B) Terry Shumpert  
  $2 NYY OF Ruben Sierra  
  $0 MIN RP Carlos Silva  
  $9 PIT 1B Randall Simon 15DL hamstring (4-26-04)
  $1 StL SP,RP Jason Simontacchi  
  $3 PIT OF Chris Singleton  
  UL CLE (OF) Grady Sizemore  
  $0 MON OF Terrmel Sledge  
  UL FLA (RP) Aaron Small  
  UL WSx (3B) Bobby Smith  
  UL PHI (RP) Bud Smith  
  UL CLE (3B) Corey Smith  
  UL MON (RP) Dan Smith 60DL shldr - may start rehab by May? (4-3-04)
  UL DET (3B) Jason Smith  
Joel $33 ATL RP John Smoltz 2003 Conditional - Kept
  UL CHC (RP) Steve Smyth  
  UL TEX (RP) Ryan Snare  
  UL NYM (OF) Esix Snead  
  UL SEA (OF) Chris Snelling  
  $2 SF 1B J.T. Snow  
  $0 KC SP Kyle Snyder  
  $0 CLE 2B Zach Sorensen  
LJ $36 TEX 2B Alfonso Soriano Unconditional - 2003
  $8 SEA RP Rafael Soriano  
  $2 TB SP,RP Jorge Sosa  
Holmes $29 CHC OF Sammy Sosa Unconditional - 2003
  UL ARI (RP) Steve William Sparks  
  $4 TOR RP Justin Speier  
  $1 NYM 1B,OF Shane Spencer  
Jeff $10 SEA 1B,3B Scott Spiezio 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $8 MIL 2B Junior Spivey  
  UL FLA (RP) Tim Spooneybarger 60DL Elbow - @L August
  UL StL (RP) Russ Springer  
  $0 DET RP Chris Spurling  
  $6 KC 1B,OF Matt Stairs  
  $1 TB SP Jason Standridge  
  UL SD (OF) Henri Stanley  
  $2 CLE SP,RP Jason Stanford  
  $2 NYM RP Mike Stanton  
  $0 COL SP Denny Stark  
  UL StL (RP) Gene Stechschulte  
  UL PIT (SP) Blake Stein  
  UL BAL (RP) John Stephens  
  $1 StL SP,RP Garrett Stephenson  
  $0 WSx SP Josh Stewart  
  $1 CLE RP Scott E. Stewart  
  $23 MIN OF Shannon Stewart  
  UL KC (C) Kelly Stinnett  
  UL FLA (OF) Jason Stokes  
  $2 HOU RP Ricky Stone  
  UL NYM (RP) Scott Strickland 60DL Elbow - maybe June? (4-22-04)
  $0 SEA DH(OF) Jamal Strong  
  $0 LA SP,RP Tanyon Sturtze  
  $4 PIT 3B Chris Stynes  
  $1 KC RP Scott Sullivan  
Holmes $5 StL SP Jeff Suppan signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 BAL 1B,OF B.J. Surhoff  
  UL FLA (OF) Larry Sutton  
H.Cow $32 SEA OF Ichiro Suzuki signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Jeff $32 SEA OF Ichiro Suzuki signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL BAL (OF) Pedro Swann  
  UL COL (OF) Mark Sweeney  
Holmes $22 KC 1B Mike Sweeney Unconditional-2003
  UL KC (SP) Greg Swindell  
  $0 TB RP Jon Switzer  
  $0 StL OF So Taguchi  
  UL CLE (SP) Brian Tallet 15DL Elbw - maybe Sept. (4-2-04)
  $0 COL RP Jeff Tam  
  $0 SD SP Dennis Tankersley  
  $0 TB 3B Fernando Tatis  
  $0 StL RP Julian Tavarez  
  UL SEA (RP) Aaron Taylor 60DL shldr (rotator cuff) out indefinitely (4-2-04)
  $1 CIN OF Reggie Taylor  
H.Cow $20 TEX 1B,3B,OF Mark Teixeira signed to '04OpenDayRstr oblique-may return 4-28
Holmes $26 BAL SS Miguel Tejada signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 FLA SP,RP Michael Tejera  
  $2 PHI SP Amaury Telemaco  
  $0 DET OF Marcus Thames  
  $17 WSx 1B Frank Thomas  
  $26 PHI 1B Jim Thome  
  UL LA (RP) Derek Thompson  
  UL HOU (OF) Ryan Thompson  
  $8 ATL SP John Thomson  
  UL ATL (3B) Scott Thorman  
  $0 TOR SP Corey Thurman  
  UL LA (2B) Joe Thurston  
  $7 BOS RP Mike Timlin  
  UL COL (SP) Brian Tollberg  
  $1 SF SP Brett Tomko  
  $0 SF OF Tony Torcato  
  UL NYY (C) Steven Torrealba  
  $1 SF C Yorvit Torrealba  
  $1 DET OF Andres Torres  
  $0 PIT SP,RP Salomon Torres  
  $5 TOR SP,RP Josh Towers  
  $1 CLE SP,RP Billy Traber 60DL Elbow out for season? (3-18-04)
  $12 NYM SP Steve Trachsel  
Jeff $0->$1 ARI 3B Chad Tracy Transaction #1 - May 1
  UL LA (OF) Bubba Trammell  
  UL PIT (3B) Chris Truby  
  $0 COL SP Chin-hui Tsao  
  $8 SF OF Michael Tucker  
  $0 MON SP,RP T.J. Tucker  
  UL TEX (OF) Jason Tyner  
  UL SEA (2B) Luis Ugueto  
JAM $0 TB SS B.J. Upton '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  $16 FLA RP Ugueth Urbina  
  $5 WSx 2B,SS Juan Uribe  
  $0 PHI 2B,3B Chase Utley  
  $1 SD SP Ismael Valdes  
  $0 FLA 2B Wilson Valdez  
  UL NYM (OF) Eric Valent  
  $1 CIN C Javier Valentin  
  UL HOU (SS) John Valentin  
  $13 WSx SS Jose Valentin  
  UL CIN (RP) Joe Valentine  
Holmes $6 ARI RP Jose Valverde signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  UL PIT (P) John Van Benschoten  
  UL DET (RP) Andy Van Hekken  
  $0 CIN SP,RP Todd Van Poppel  
  UL COL (RP) Cory Vance  
  $2 CIN OF John Vander Wal  
  $1 MON SP Claudio Vargas  
H.Cow $13 BOS C Jason Varitek 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $0 StL OF Greg Vaughn  
  $6 NYM 1B Mo Vaughn  
LJ $32 NYY SP Javier Vazquez signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $4 SD SS Ramon Vazquez  
  $0 ATL SS Jorge Velandia  
  UL KC (RP) Mike Venafro  
  $5 LA 1B,3B Robin Ventura  
  $0 HOU RP Dave Veres  
JAM $18 MON 2B Jose Vidro signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 ARI RP Brandon Villafuerte  
Jeff $2 ARI RP Oscar Villarreal signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $1 SEA SP Ron Villone  
  $5 DET 2B Fernando Vina  
  $0 MON 1B,OF Joe Vitiello  
  $0 HOU 2B,SS Jose Vizcaino  
Joel $0 MIL RP Luis Vizcaino signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $7 CLE SS Omar Vizquel  
  $1 PIT SP Ryan Vogelsong  
  $0 KC SP Brad Voyles  
  $1 TB SP Doug Waechter  
  $29 PHI RP Billy Wagner dropped by H.Cow - 2003
Joel $3 CIN RP Ryan Wagner signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $14 BOS SP Tim Wakefield  
  $3 DET RP Jamie Walker  
  UL SD (RP) Kevin Walker  
  $21 COL OF Larry Walker dropped by Holmes - 2003 15DL groin @L lateMay(4-26)
  $0 TOR SP,RP Pete Walker  
  $14 CHC 2B Todd Walker  
  UL SF (P) Tyler Walker  
Holmes $0 PIT 1B,OF Daryle Ward signed to '04OpenDayRstr
Holmes $17 ANA SP Jarrod Washburn '04 Minr.Lg Protectn
  UL FLA (SP) Justin Wayne  
  $4 NYM RP David Weathers  
Holmes $1 LA SP,RP Jeff Weaver signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $22 ARI SP Brandon Webb dropped by Jeff - 2003
  $4 ANA RP Ben Weber  
  $0 MIL 2B Rickie Weeks  
  $0 CHC RP Todd Wellemeyer  
Jeff $10 SD SP David Wells signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $15 PIT SP Kip Wells  
LJ $29 TOR OF Vernon Wells Unconditional - 2003
  $0 COL RP Turk Wendell  
  $0 LA OF Jayson Werth 15DL oblique (4-15-04)
  $0 CLE SP,RP Jake Westbrook  
  $0 NYM RP Dan Wheeler  
  $0 NYY RP Gabe White  
  UL LA (RP) Rick White  
  $10 DET OF Rondell White  
  $8 CLE RP Bob Wickman 60DL Elbow - July? (4-3-04)
  $0 StL C Chris Widger  
Jeff $11 NYM 3B Ty Wigginton 2003 Conditional - Kept 15DL ulcer (4-24-04)
  $16 MON 1B,OF Brad B. Wilkerson  
  $18 NYY OF Bernie Williams  
  UL PIT (SP) Dave Williams  
  $13 SF SP Jerome Williams  
  $4 TB RP Mike Williams  
  $16 StL SP Woody Williams  
  $9 BOS RP Scott Williamson  
  $0 FLA C Josh Willingham  
  $20 FLA SP Dontrelle Willis  
  $10 PIT C,1B,OF Craig A. Wilson  
  $4 SEA C Dan Wilson  
  $0 NYY SS,3B Enrique Wilson  
  $5 PIT SS Jack Wilson  
  $0 KC RP Kris Wilson  
  $3 CIN SP Paul Wilson  
  $26 COL OF Preston Wilson arth.knee surg.4-19-04 -maybe June (4-20-04)
  $2 SD C,1B Tom Wilson  
  $1 NYM C Vance Wilson dopped by Jeff May 1
  $21 SEA OF Randy Winn  
  UL ATL (OF) Dewayne Wise  
  UL MIL (P) Matt Wise  
  $0 SD RP Jay Witasick  
  $0 StL 1B,OF Kevin Witt  
  UL CLE (RP) Mark Wohlers  
  $23 PHI SP Randy Wolf  
  $2 BOS 2B,SS Tony Womack  
Holmes $33 CHC SP Kerry Wood 2003 Conditional - Kept
  $6 TOR SS Chris Woodward  
  $1 PHI C,1B,3B Shawn Wooten  
  $6 PHI RP Tim Worrell  
  $1 WSx SP Dan Wright  
  UL CHC (SP) Jamey Wright  
Joel $0 ATL RP(SP) Jaret Wright signed to '04OpenDayRstr
JAM $0 ATL RP(SP) Jaret Wright signed to '04OpenDayRstr
  $0 WSx RP Kelly Wunsch  
  UL DET (RP) Esteban Yan  
  UL NYM (RP) Tyler Yates  
  $0 BOS 3B Kevin Youkilis  
  $0 TB OF Delmon Young  
  $17 DET 3B,OF Dmitri Young  
  $14 TEX 2B Eric Young  
  $20 TEX 2B Michael Young dropped by JAM - 2003
  $18 CHC SP Carlos Zambrano  
  $4 TB SP,RP Victor Zambrano  
  $0 MON C Gregg Zaun  
  $1 NYM 1B,3B Todd Zeile  
  UL SF (RP) Chad Zerbe  
  $3 TEX RP Jeff Zimmerman dropped by HCow -May24 elbow-out indefinitely(4-2-04)
  UL ARI (C) Alan Zinter  
H.Cow $30 OAK SP Barry Zito Unconditional - 2003
  UL TB (P) Alex Zumwalt