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    The JCHL is simply a group of friends who created a unique fantasy baseball league for their own amusement. But any baseball fan is most welcome to join.
    Unlike most fantasy leagues, the JCHL costs NOTHING to join. The only expense you might incur is the $10 million penalty if you don't win the season. But if you don't happen to have an extra ten mill lying about, never fear; our league policy allows payment in the form of I.O.U.'s. ;-)
    The JCHL's rules and procedures are really quite different than most fantasy baseball leagues; so, before you decide to join, be sure to read the Rules section to see how our league operates.
    Thank you for visiting our site; we're glad you're here!

Please understand that much of this site is still under construction. Don't be surprised if you find broken links. Once everything has been uploaded this message will be deleted.
NOTE: I have found that many of the recent changes to this page are not reflected in my particular Web browser. I suggest you do a "hard-refresh" of this page (hold Ctrl and Shift as you Refresh the page) in order to see it as it should be seen.
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The following involves previous JCHL seasons. None of it has been uploaded as yet. When it becomes available, I'll remove this message.
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