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     10 May 2004 -- Despite the fact that I thought I had uploaded all the April Series Results on the 2nd of May, I noticed tonight that is not the case. (EEK!) Sorry. It probably has something to do with my web host switching servers on me; it's a good thing since we now reside on a much faster state-of-the-art web server, but it apparently screwed up the things I thought I uploaded to the site earlier this month. In any event, the situation has now been resolved and pretty much all the current stuff should now (finally!) be up-to-date.

One exception is the May Series Transactions. I have received a number of them, and will be altering the line-ups and transactions pages in the near future to reflect these changes. But as of this moment, the line-ups and transactions pages merely reflect the line-ups as of the end of April.

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you do a hard-refresh when visiting the home page. I have found that my browser doesn't automatically refresh the pages even though they've been updated. So the next time you go to the JCHL home page hold the Ctrl and Shift keys while you hit "refresh" to reload the page. Then you should see the newest version of that page. This is also true for any pages on this site that you have previously visited (within the past month or so). I'm not completely sure why this is happening (it doesn't normally when I surf the Web), but I'll be looking into it to see if I can't resolve this problem.

That's all for now...

The Commishy-Cat



     29 April 2004 -- I performed a major update today, adding a lot of new information and updating many different pages. All the Opening Day Rosters, Current Rosters and Line-Ups, Transactions, Stability Points, and other pages have been added. I have also updated the Master Alphabetical Price List to include everyone's Opening Day Rosters. Currently injured players can also be seen on the newly-updated Master Alpha. Price List. How current will I be able to keep the injury lists throughout the year? ...I don't know. I guess we'll see, won't we.

The 2004 JCHL Season Excel spreadsheet can now be downloaded from the JCHL Home Page. You can also view and/or print your own current roster by clicking the link on our home page. And several outside links have been added to the home page; these are links I have found helpful in gathering Major League player and team news. The first is the "Major League Rosters" button which leads you to CBS-sportsline's Web site where you can find the current Major League Depth Charts for every team, along with notes and injury updates for each team.

The second is the "Major League Stats" button which leads you to USAToday's sports site. This is the very same site where we get our official Monthly Series Stats each month. If you want to manipulate the stats that are found there, save the various pages to your computer's hard drive, and save them as text files. Then you can open them from within Excel and import the data as "delimited" data, setting the delimiters to "space", "tab", and (under "other") - dash-delimited (for pitchers' win-loss stats). Then be sure to save the file as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Then, if you delete all the blank rows and add team names before every player's name, you'll have fully interactive stats. This is exactly the series of steps I use each month to determine the month-end stats. If you have trouble or questions about how to do this, just throw me an e-mail.

The third new button is "Fantasy News & Advice". This leads you to the Roto-Times web site which is one of the few remaining FREE sites for getting up-to-the-minute fantasy news and advice. If you are seeking current news about an individual player, I've never found a better source than RotoTimes!

I hope you find these Web site updates useful. If you find any links that appear to be broken or that don't point to the right page, please let me know so that I can fix them.

The Commish