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Welcome to Whoopy-Cat's Panzer General II


 This section is not yet completed, so you might be well-served to refresh this page, as changes may have been made since the last time you visited Whoopy-Cat's PG2.

Currently a number of PG2 pages have been uploaded, although there are still many that have not yet been completed. This page will have a full index of the contents of this section as soon as I've added more content. At this point, however, you can read the parts that have been completed by clicking on the "Next" JagdTiger image in the navigation bar above.

Thanks for visiting my PG2 section. I hope you will find it to be of some usefulness. Please check back often because I'll be adding more to this section in the coming days and weeks.

  Joel "Whoopy-Cat" Illian

   28 October 2004




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