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There are a number of ways to bind keys for TacOps, perhaps the easiest of which is simply to use the in-game "controls" tab in Options->Preferences. This method, however, is extremely limited, and only the very few options included with the original game can be set in this way.

The SuperTeamKeybinder has been of great help to many players as well, although it can be buggy and has a few small drawbacks. You can download the SuperTeamKeybinder HERE.

On this page I will explain another simple method for binding keys for TO -- the method I've used for quite a number of years. First a chart with some binds, then I'll follow that with some words of explanation.


Purchase Shared Weapons (either team)   Purchase Special Forces Team Weapons
Combat Knife ???? {I dunno}   Beretta 92F ("Glorietta") s_kAmmoAuto 119
Desert Eagle/Black Hawk s_kAmmoAuto 102   Raging Cobra pistol s_kAmmoAuto 123
M16 rifle s_kAmmoAuto 110   MAC 10 ("AP II") smg s_kAmmoAuto 122
SR90 sniper rifle s_kAmmoAuto 112   SPAS 12 (BW12) shotgun s_kAmmoAuto 106
H.E. nade s_kAmmoAuto 113   MP5 SD smg s_kAmmoAuto 118
Flashbang s_kAmmoAuto 114   M4A1 carbine s_kAmmoAuto 109
Conc. nade s_kAmmoAuto 115   H&K SiG33 ("RK3") rifle s_kAmmoAuto 111
Smoke nade s_kAmmoAuto 120   M4A2/m203 nade-launcher s_kAmmoAuto 121
Night Vision goggles s_kAmmoAuto 401   Parker Hale 85 sniper rifle s_kAmmoAuto 116
Purchase Terrorist Team Weapons
Glock 23 (GL 23) pistol s_kAmmoAuto 101   SAIGA AS12 auto-shotgun s_kAmmoAuto 117
Uzi submachine gun s_kAmmoAuto 103   Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle s_kAmmoAuto 107
Mossberg509 (Berg)shotgn s_kAmmoAuto 105   SW Commando rifle s_kAmmoAuto 108
Navy MP5 smg s_kAmmoAuto 104   M60 heavy machinegun s_kAmmoAuto 124
Ammo and Armor (either team)
Buy Ammo (current weapn) s_kAmmo   Buy Helmet s_kAmmoAuto 302
Buy Needed Armor only s_kAmmoAuto 333   Buy Kevlar Vest s_kAmmoAuto 301
Buy All Armor s_kAmmoAuto 304   Buy Thigh Pads s_kAmmoAuto 303
Audible Speech Commands
Roger that speech 0 1 0   I'm in position speech 6 5 0
Negative speech 0 3 0   I'm hit! speech 9 2 0
I copy speech 0 0 0   Watch who you shoot! speech 1 1 0
You got it speech 0 2 0   Hey! Friendly Fire! speech 1 0 0
Cover Me speech 2 3 1   Bomb has been planted speech 4 1 0
Watch for cover! speech 7 5 0   Falling back speech 7 1 0
I need some backup fast! speech 7 4 0   Enemy spotted speech 6 2 0
I got your back speech 4 3 0   Target in sight speech 6 8 0
I'm under heavy attack! speech 7 3 0   Split in pairs speech 5 4 0
Let's clean this place out speech 2 2 1   Meet at rendezvous point speech 5 3 0
Return to base speech 2 0 1   Keep moving speech 5 2 0
Attack main target speech 2 4 1   I'm going in speech 6 4 0
Emergency! speech 7 0 0   Objective accomplished speech 6 7 0
Emergency! Man Down! speech 4 5 0   Hostage rescued speech 4 0 0
Fire in the hole! speech 4 2 0   5 seconds before assault speech 5 0 0
I'll keep 'em busy speech 6 3 0   Area cleared speech 6 0 0
Stay together, team speech 5 5 0   Enemy down speech 3 0 0
Hold this position speech 2 1 1   Get in position speech 5 1 0

Any of the above commands could be entered into the console
and they would work. But, obviously, that's not the best use of them. The best use for these commands is to bind a keyboard shortcut to each of them so you don't have to type them out each time you want to use them. This is what is done when you change something in the "controls" tab in the game or when you use a KeyBinder -- the specified key is simply designated as a shortcut to one (or more) of these commands.

There is another very simple way to create keybinds for TacticalOps: editing the User.ini file. The User.ini is the file that is changed by a program like the Super TeamKeybinder or when you make a change in your Preferences in the game. But we can also edit the User.ini file safely and easily without anything more complicated than a text editing program such as Notepad.

~J.T. Whoopy-Cat

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