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~ Whoopy-Cat's TacticalOps Keybinding Help Page
The following files are for the Free UT Mod version of TacOps. Some may be applicable for use with the retail version, some may contain files that are only compatible with the retail version.
But all of these can be used (at least in part) with the Free UT Mod version of the game -- I use them every day when I play.
    3.3.2 PATCH
332 Patch
332 Patch (.to extension)
  .zip of 332_patch.exe renamed with .to extension*
    * This is exactly the same file as the first one, but the .zipped file has been renamed .to because some people have trouble downloading executable files contained within zipped files. This should correct the problem if you are having trouble with your computer's anti-virus or other security settings disallowing you from downloading the first version. You should try the regular zipped file first. But if some program keep stripping the zipped file from the download, try this second version; however, after downloading, you will need to rename this file. Replace the .to file extension with the proper .zip extension, then procede as normal.



    Additional Maps and Other Extras

Maps (.unr) should be unzipped to the TacticalOps\Maps folder.

Texture (.utx) files should be unzipped to the TacticalOps\Textures folder.

Music files (.umx) belong in the TacticalOps\Maps TacticalOps\Music folder.

Sound files (.uax) go in the TacticalOps\Sounds folder.


AoT Extra Maps
  AoT_extra_maps.zip (5 May 2002) 71,625 kb
Extras update
  update.zip (5 May 2002) 10,012 kb
AoT -2- Map-Pack
AoT-2-Mappack.zip (19 July 2002) 34,608 kb
Aim-it Extra Aim-it-extra.zip (21 July 2002) 4,520 kb
Firing Range Map
AoT-FiringRange.zip (21 July 2002) 222 kb
Firing Range 2
AoT-FiringRange2.zip (21 July 2002) 485 kb
To DED 2 Map
TODED2.zip (21 July 2002) 275 kb
Aim-it Xmas Maps
to_aimit_xmas.zip (Dec. 2002) 109,033 kb

This is the map-pack needed to play the so-called -X- maps. (The names of these maps all begin with "-X-"...)
Despite what the ReadMe file says, all these maps are playable with 3.3.2 (free UT mod) version of the game.

INSTRUCTIONS: This should be very simple, but it's also easy to screw up if you don't pay attention to what you're doing!

When you extract these files, there will be two folders: a "System" folder and a "Tactical Ops" folder. It's important that you understand that you have a System folder in the root directory of your TacOps game, and another System folder inside your Tactical Ops sub-folder. Everything from this download that is in the "Tactical Ops" folder will go in the proper sub-folder of the "Tactical Ops" sub-folder inside your TacOps game. The stuff in the "System" folder from this download belongs in the REGULAR "System" folder in your TacOps game directory -- NOT the System folder that is a sub-folder of the "Tactical Ops" sub-folder!

I'll say it again, in another way: After unzipping the download you will find two folders from the download: a System and a Tactical Ops folder.
~ Step 1: take everything from the System folder and place it in your game's System folder.
~ Step 2: open the Tactical Ops folder from the download and find the Tactical Ops folder in your game directory. The contents of each folder within the Tactical Ops folder of the directory should go in the same-named sub-folder of your Tactical Ops folder within the game. For each folder simply select all the files, copy and paste them into the appropriate folder in your game with the same name.

If this still doesn't make sense, try the ReadMe file that came with the download. If all else fails, throw me an e-mail and I'll try to help you out. (See below for contact information.)

Super KeyBinder-v15
  SuperTeamKeyBinderv15.zip (67 kb)
Waffen Soundpack-v2
  TacticalOps Waffen SoundPack v2.0.rar (1.1 mb)
    *This is a .RAR compressed file -- WinRar needed to extract*

New and improved weapons sounds! EXCELLENT soundpack!

Extract contents to the TO/TacticalOps/System folder -- NOT the normal TO/System folder, but the one inside the folder named "TacticalOps" in your TacOps directory. Then run the soundpack.exe to activate your new weapons sounds. You WON'T regret it! ...But if you're afraid you might, just be sure to make a backup copy of your TODatas.u file (copy it somewhere else - somwhere you could find it later) before running the soundpack.exe and before copying the new sound files into your TO/TacticalOps/System folder.

Psybonus2 mutator
  Psybonus2 mutator (2.60 kb)
TO 319 (405861 kb)

!! Please understand: I am not trying to take credit for creating ANY of these add-ons!

These were all created by people in the TO community whose names can be found in the applicable ReadMe files.

I am providing these files privately to my friends simply as a convenience to them since some of them have become difficult to find nowadays.

Each of these files is provided on an "as-is" basis, and I cannot take any responsibility for the contents thereof.

To the best of my knowledge, every one of these files is exactly as they were when I originally downloaded them myself a number of years ago. They have not been altered by me in any way unless stated here on this page.

~J.T. Whoopy-Cat

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